5 of The Best Multipurpose Blenders for Juicing

If you think that having a separate blender and a juicer will lead to having too much stuff in the kitchen, you should be glad to know that there are multipurpose blenders that can also produce quality juices. However, these blenders do not separate the pulp from the juice but they have very powerful motors that pulverize those pulp and incorporate them into the juice. Nutritionists say that the pulp from fruits contain the most vitamins and nutrition, so in the end, you still get the best from having a multi-purpose blender. There are different types of juicers. This article will showcase some of the blenders that are best for juicing according to internet reviews.

1. Nutribullet Pro 900 Series

This blender features an superb 900 watt motor to easily blend those hard ingredients to make sure that you have a smooth mixture. Many customers online say that this blender can blend all of the ingredients excellently leaving little ingredients to sieve before extracting your juice. This blender also comes in increased capacity that enables you to make juice for 3 to 4 people in one go.

2. Ninja Ultima Blender Plus (BL830)

This blender features the best motor that’s available in the market. It packs a whopping 1,500 watt; 2 horsepower motor that is mostly used for by professionals. It also uses a dual stage blending that is unique to blenders nowadays because of the different RPM’s that it utilizes. The Ninja Ultima Blender can go up to 24,000RPM that is fast enough to crush even the hardest ice that you put in it.

3.Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend, 2-Speed

This blender has a 2 peak horsepower motor that let its blades propel up to 240mph. This blender’s power is what makes it best for juicing. It also comes with a recipe book that features 200 recipes that will give you more idea about the juicing capabilities of the blender. The Vitamix TurboBlend also comes with a 64 ounce container that is useful for making a lot of juices at the same time.

4. Blendtec Total Blender

This blender is reviewed as the best blender for making smoothies but it doubles up as a perfect blender for juicing as well. It features a very superb 1,560 watt; 3 horsepower direct drive motor that will pulverize everything you put in it. It is also equipped with two-pronged stainless steel blade that spins at 29,000rpm is the reason why it blends fruits and vegetables flawlessly for the best extraction of juices. Like other blenders mentioned before, it comes with a recipe book with 100+ recipes for juicing and blending smoothies. It also comes with a 64 ounce container for more servings.

5. Vitamix 5200: The Best Juicing Blender

This is by far the best multipurpose blender out in the market today. The best thing about this blender is that it can make dips and mousse because of its 2 horsepower motor that is best suited for extracting juice and crushing all ingredients that you put in it. It may be a bit more expensive than the other blenders but it sure won’t let you down when it comes to quality.