5 Top Performance Multi-Sport Shoes

A top performance walking shoe needs to be lightweight, balanced and allows enough cushioning for you to walk in comfort. These shoes are best suited for people who have a natural posture and would like to walk long miles. If you are a person who do not like having too many shoes in their closet, you should know that trainers and running shoes also work well as walking shoes. There is really no need to buy one of each. If you want to have an idea about the best shoes that provide good cushioning for your foot, here are some of the best ones out in the market today.

Asics Gel-DS Trainer

This trainer is popular for being lightweight as well as providing stability for the feet. These trainers have set the gold standard for the performance trainer category according to Runner’s world. Asics made sure that the upper part of the shoes is seamless so there is less possibility for blistering. Asics GEl-DS trainer was also applauded because it can relieve pain from foot conditions like Plantar Fasciitis. If you wear these trainers in the rain, you will like the Wet Grip outsole that provides better traction especially on wet roads. These trainers won so many awards when it comes to trainers category and is one of the best shoes for running and walking combined. Another Asics shoe offers great relief to runners with Plantar Fasciitis. The Asics Gel Kayano 19 should be a good option for men.

New Balance 890

This shoes features the REVite midsole that makes it ultra-light but gives enough cushion for comfort. Once you wear it, you will find yourself speeding up your walking because of the fun and ease that this shoes provides. You should know in advance that these shoes change shape in every version so you should research which shape you like most and buy that exact one. For example, the v3’s shape is entirely different shape when compared and the v3 is bulkier than the v2, get it? New Balance style is to change the image of the shoes every year so take note of the version that you like the most before you buy it.

Brooks Ghost

This shoes was the Editor’s Choice for Runner’s World in 2013 and is popular because of being lightweight and comfortable. The Ghost 6 is specifically designed for walking than the other models because of its design. Gore-tex technology was also used in this shoes for waterproofing for those times when you can’t help but walk or run in the rain. Brooks Ghost Women’s Running shoe is a good option for women.

Saucony ProGRID Kinvara

The Kinvara is a minimalist shoe that is constructed with lightweight material. Most people are in love with these shoes because it’s both light and flexible yet it provides enough support as well as cushion for shorter walks or runs.

New Balance 1080

This is the best shoe to choose for those with neutral feet arch. It features enough cushioning for longer walks and you can also use it on marathons. People who have wide feet will appreciate New Balance shoes because it comes in widths. Like many shoes brought to you by New balance, every version is different from the other, so make sure you know which one you really want to buy.