Crossbow Shooting Tips: How To Not Miss

Crossbows are not only good for its multipurpose use, they are also very easy to shoot with. In fact, you take someone who’s never handled a cross bow before and he will hit the target in no time. If this is the case, why do hunters still miss their targets when they are using a crossbow? There are many factors that can contribute to a hunter missing his target like choosing the right crossbow. These factors can be prevented if you get more information on why you miss. This article will take a look at the common reasons behind hunters missing their targets to give them a higher success rate in the future.


It’s well known that practice makes perfect and believe it or not, some people just waltz into a store to buy a crossbow and take it hunting later in the afternoon. Always remember that if you want to go hunting with any weapon, it’s best to practice with it first. This creates familiarity and enables you to be one with your bow. Try walking around the yard and shooting offhand from various angles and distances. If you plan to hunt while sitting down, practice shooting while sitting down—it’s that simple. This will prevent you from hitting your target once you are really out there in the field.

Don’t expect your broadheads to hit the same spot as your field spot

Most of the time, they hit different marks. This is why you need to shoot one or two arrows with the same broadhead in your yard before going out in the field. By doing this, you might notice that you need to adjust your sight to best suit your needs. This simple calibration can increase your success rate when you are out there hunting.

Clear some shooting lanes

Crossbows are very different from guns and even the smallest object can cause your arrow to deflect resulting to a missed target. The important thing to note is to not force a shot if you’re not sure of it. What will help is to get out in the field where you plan to hunt before the hunting season begins and clear some lanes. Try to remember how far specific landmarks and trees are from you. Doing this will help you judge the distance if you suddenly see an animal and don’t have the time to calculate the range.

Don’t shoot past the distance that you’re comfortable with

Most hunters are guilty of doing this and it can result to a missed target. If you are comfortable with a certain distance with your crossbow and you see an animal that is a few yards father, do not attempt to shoot it. The important thing to remember is that if the animal is out of range, resist the temptation and let it walk. You need to identify the maximum distance where you can accurately shoot and then stick to it. If you do this, you will have a high succession rate therefore making you a better quality hunter.