Gun Safe Basics: Types of Gun Safe

All responsible owners know that owning a deadly weapon comes hand in hand with the obligation to always keep it secure. This has a lot to do with common sense as well as avoiding accidents, theft, and unfortunate ends—guns should not be accessible for everyone. Having a gun safe is the best way to deal with these kinds of situations and to keep yourself worry-free from anything that might come up involving your gun.

Many gun-related tragedies have happened in the past and the risk of accidental death is higher when you are packing a gun in your homes. According to statistics, 4 out of 10 gun owners do not own a gun safe to store their weapons in. This results to having more gun related accidents involving children. A gun safe is not very different from other safes—the main goal is to keep everyone out and keep access exclusive to one person.

I understand that most people don’t want to have too many different kinds of safe for different things, but believe it or not, safes specifically designed for guns will make it a lot easier for you to store and access them.

Types of Gun Safes

The difference between gun safes and a regular secured cabinet is the dimensions, interior and storage features. This varies in the types and the number of guns that they are made to store. Here are some varieties of gun safes:

Handgun Safes

This can range from small to medium like the size of a briefcase to make it portable. It is designed to hold one gun and is best suited for people who like to their guns everywhere. There are larger handgun safes that can store multiple guns on a number of shelves that can be integrated in cars depending on the user’s choice.

Long-gun Safes

Longer guns including rifles and shotguns require are tall safe. The height of these safe is about 70 inches and the width depends on the number of guns to be stored in it. Gun capacity of this type of safe can range from one to a dozen guns.

Multi-use Gun Safes

For people who don’t want to have too many safes around the house, or people who often forget the number combination if they have too many to remember; a multi-use gun safe is best. These safes are able to store jewelry, documents, and of course, handguns. This type of gun safe can be large or small as well as portable if needed. It can also be configured to have different types of compartments to accommodate different types of items to be stored.

The bottom line in choosing the gun safe that will fit your needs is to know how many guns you are planning to have and what type of guns you are planning to buy. If you only plan on getting one handgun and you don’t like having too much stuff around the house, a multi-use gun safe is the best choice for you.