The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

laser h removalSummer is always just a few sleep away so many people prefer to groom themselves for beachwear. Hair removal is one of the most popular ways to groom yourself for summer and though waxing and shaving are also proper methods, hair removal can prevent your hair from growing for a longer period of time.  This also means less shavers, creams and other stuff that will just serve as clutter in the end. There are many benefits when it comes to laser hair; the first and most obvious benefit is being accurate. The laser targets the pigmented areas of the skin like the hair follicles. Only the hair follicle is burned but not the skin that surrounds the area.

Laser hair removal is also proven to be a very effective way of removing hair follicles. This has been practiced since 1997 and has been approved for permanent hair reduction in the U.S. by the FDA. Hair reduction is the long-term and stable reduction in the number of hair that regrows after a treatment. Laser hair removal is sure to reduce body hair but there is still no proof that it permanently removes all of the hair from the body. The most effective hair removal treatments occur when the hair follicle is still in the early part of the anagen stage; the part when the hair is still actively growing. This results to having multiple treatments to catch all of the hair follicles in this specific stage. If there is hair regrowth after 4-6 times of treatment, the hair is weakened and lighter in color.

Because we live in a world where time is important and people are always looking for faster way to do things, laser hair removal is perfect. It works to remove hair at the speed of light—literally! The treatment works to remove all the hair in a specific area in one batch. Depending on the size of the area, it can take about 15-30 minutes for the whole treatment to be finished and strictly no downtime after each treatment.

Laser hair removal also works on ingrown hair. Ingrown hair is commonly seen in areas of the body that has been shaved or waxed. This is due to the hair follicle that are not evenly broken resulting to a sharp tip. If you choose laser hair removal, you will have a lesser chance of having ingrown hair because it evenly cuts off the hair follicle. Plus, hair doesn’t grow back that easily after you get the treatment making you less worried about the summer season.

Laser hair removal treatment cost can range from $100-$900 dollar per session including the consultation fee. This depends on the clinic and the person who will administer the treatment. Find a clinic that will fit your budget and make sure the physician is certified to use laser machinery. When trying to find the best clinic for laser hair removal treatment, it’s best to visit 5 or more clinics to compare their prices. Keep in mind that you may need to go back 4 to 6 times for the laser hair removal treatment to be effective.