Upright Vacuum: Multipurpose Vacuum Best for Pet Hair

pet hair vSo you want to find the best vacuum cleaner that really works and can remove all kinds of dirt from your house and clean up after your pets? Be prepared to be confused about the many choices that are in store for you. There are number of different vacuum types that you can choose from but this article will aim to define the best types so you won’t have a hard time choosing—this is the upright vacuum. But before introducing this type of vacuum, you need to have a solid knowledge of your cleaning needs first.

Start by answering questions like “Do I have carpets or mostly bare floors?” or “Do I have pet hair removal needs?” By knowing these things, it will help you choose the type of vacuum that meets your everyday cleaning needs and will work well with the type of floors that you have.

Longevity is another thing to consider because quality vacuums are supposed to last you 5 to 6 years upon purchase. Cheaper vacuums that run from $50 to $100 tend to have a shorter life span compared to more expensive vacuums that cost around 300 to $500. The more you pay for the vacuum, the better quality you get as well as the technology that was used in it.

You should also have your own opinion by testing the vacuum and trying them out in the store to know which one suits you best or read on vacuum reviews. It is only you that can tell if you like the kind of vacuum that you have and if it feels good for you.

Are Upright Vacuums Right For You?

Upright vacuums are the most popular type of vacuum and the one that dominates the market. These are multipurpose vacuums that work on carpets, bare floors and rugs. Uprights are also far more superior that canister type vacuums when it comes to lifting those pet hairs from your carpets. The price for this type of vacuum is $60 to $900 depending on the brand and materials used for it.

Bagged vs. Bagless

Bagless upright vacuums are more popular and more common than bagged ones these days. But before you decide to go with the most popular version, you need to know the pros and cons to each kind first.

If you choose to go for the bagless model, you will not go through the hassle of buying and replacing the bags that will also cost you money of up to $6 each pack of three. However, bagless models can prove to be messier especially when you are trying to remove the canister so you can put the dirt into the trash. This is messier because there is no bag to put the dust and dirt that you collect when cleaning so you might end up with a cloud of dust that can cause irritation or asthma attacks. If you don’t want irritants floating around in the air while you are cleaning, it’s best for you to get a bagged upright vacuum.